Real Estate Management

Manuela Linguardo – Prestige Solutions offers an all around counseling service with a precise market analysis based on the costumers’ requirements.
To offer the best suitable service possible, we develop a precise plan for estimating each estate and capitalizing its potential to the maximum.
The service consists of:

Market analysis

With a precise market analysis our counselors offer the necessary tools for determining the value of a property, defining its price based on the market and establishing a time frame.

Photo service

We offer a professional photo service for your estate, showing its best angle, making it easy to catch the attention of potential buyers, resembling the full value of the property on sale.

Home staging

Home staging is a valuable support for accelerating the sale. It helps emphasizing a property’s worth by improving its appearance without structural interventions, creating ad hoc interior to give an idea of how the estate could look.

Communication of “new on sale”

A communication strategy created for potential customers living near the estate on sale. Some form of letter or postcard is sent to all residents, informing them that there is a new property on sale in their district, offering them advantages if interested.

Collaboration and one person consultation

Our studio will contact partner agencies to coordinate their clients’ viewings and appointments. The vendor continues to have only one contact person that he can rely on at every moment.

Written monthly report on the executed activities

Each month – or when requested from the client – a report on the progress of all activities will be created, containing:

  • promotion of the estate
  • viewings from potential buyers
  • possible negotiations

Qualification of the customer

The qualification of the customer allows to filter phone calls with potential buyers as much as possible and to offer viewings of the property only for the concretely interested. This makes it possible to reduce the sales time frame.

Real tour

Creation of a video of the estate on sale that will be published on the agency’s website and pages from estate partners. The video allows the client to take a virtual stroll around.

Technical and legal assistance

Principal support services for the sale:

  • catastal and hypothecary inspection>/li>
  • guarantee control
  • Preparation of the offer
  • analysis of the offer and security deposit
  • Preparation of the tentative agreement
  • legal and tax consulting and transaction

Online advertisment

The structures on sale or for rent are promoted on the main real estate websites being always visualized on the first pages and with a direct answer to the impressions of the ad and how the potential clients rate it.

Personalized brochure

A special brochure to distribute during viewing appointment, containing:

  • professional photos
  • description of the property
  • architectural characteristics of the building
  • localization of the property’s district
  • informative and technical chart

Selected mailing

Direct communication towards:

  • potential clients that are searching similar properties in the same area
  • specific categories of professionals
  • partner real estate agencies for possible collaborations

Open house

An appointment to see the estate with registered participants. During the viewing an illustrating brochure of the estate is handed out.


  • viewing of more potential buyers in one single day
  • presence of various real estate counselors working on the same sale
  • bigger chance to obtain the price requested by the owner
  • shorter time frame for selling
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